Downloading FoamTree 3.5.0...
If the download does not start automatically, click here.

After the download completes:

  1. Unpack the archive.
  2. Open index.html in your browser.
  3. Some examples require that the demo is accessed through the HTTP protocol. If you have Java installed, you can start up a local HTTP daemon by running:

    bin/ -p 8080 (Linux, Max)

    bin\nhttpd.bat -p 8080 (Windows)

    Then, open http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

Existing customers: The package available from this page contains FoamTree with locked branding options. If you hold a FoamTree license, you can download the newest unlimited version of FoamTree from

What's new?

FoamTree 3.4.0 adds the "flattened" hierarchy view, like in the Financial Times 500 largest companies demo (release notes).

FoamTree 3.3.0 makes it possible to display traditional rectangular treemaps and lay out groups in left-to-right order (release notes).

FoamTree 3.2.0 makes it possible to browse hierarchies of 100k+ groups on 100+ levels without noticeable performance degradation (release notes).

GitHub search and visualization FoamTree 3.1.0 makes it possible to draw arbitrary content inside each polygon, allows dynamic updates of group weights and adds a number of new demos (release notes).

FoamTree 3.0.0 is a major new release with the layout and display engines rebuilt from the ground up. New features include:

  • New polygon layout engine
  • The ability to expose groups
  • Zooming and panning around the visualization area
  • Better and faster label fitting algorithm
  • New polygon decoration options, such as stroke and drop shadow
  • The ability to create your own data rollout and pullback effects
  • JavaScript API improvements for more streamlined code
  • Utility scripts for handling common tasks, such as data loading progress reporting or contextual interaction hints.

Please see the demo on the main page to see the new features in action. See the release notes for a detailed list of changes.