There are additional numerous examples in the API reference. These presented below are more self-contained, higher-level demos that you can inspect and copy-paste from. Note that they are not optimized in any way (separate CSS files, scripts, etc.) to allow easier source-level inspections. You do the regular minimize/ compress Web workflow for production.

Simple embedding

Perhaps the simplest embedding example, with typical hooks.

Simple pie-chart

A simple pie-chart demo.

Tweak panel

A helpful utility to tweak attributes in real time. (not suitable for tablets/ mobile devices).

Mobile demo

A demo specifically tuned for touch and mobile devices.


A more complex example including multiple visualizations, model adapters and callback hooks.


Shows how to enable touch and mouse event pass-through for touch devices.


API-abusing example of customizing ring positions.


Takes a screenshot of many combinations of angleStart and angleWidth.

Title bar (built-in)

A built-in title bar showcase.

External title bar

An external title bar showcase.

Group shapes

An example of onRedraw and group shape tracking.

Removing groups

One possible way to remove groups from view dynamically.

Access logs visualization

Visualization of Carrot2 access logs.

DejaVu WebFonts

Uses DejaVu Condensed WebFont to simulate the previous (Flash) version of Circles.

Dots component

Documents-in-cluster highlight component example.