FoamTree on mobile

FoamTree does not only run on desktop, it's also supported on HTML5-enabled mobile browsers. To take full advantage of the touch interaction (tapping, scaling, panning), include Hammer.js next to FoamTree script.

To decrease the time needed for FoamTree to compute and show the visualization, this demo uses the following settings:

relaxationVisible: false (no layout animation)
relaxationQualityThreshold: 5 (lower-quality layout, fast to compute)
relaxationInitializer: treemap (produces best low-quality layouts)

rolloutDuration: 0 (no rollout animation)
pullbackDuration: 0 (no pullback animation)

finalCompleteDrawMaxDuration: 50 (less details, faster drawing)
finalIncrementalDrawMaxDuration: 20


Data sets: small flat | large flat | small hierarchical | large hierarchical

What's in the code?