Distribution package

This article contains an overview of the contents of the Lingo3G distribution bundle.

The distribution archive comes with the following structure of top-level folders:

Contains shell-launchable binary of the document clustering server (HTTP/REST service), pre-rendered Java API documentation (JavaDocs), this documentation and service descriptors.
Java API examples project (each example is implemented as unit test). Java API examples require an installed license.
Java HTTP/REST API examples project (each example is implemented as a separate Java command). DCS examples require the DCS to be running in the background (with an installed license).
Lingo3G Java API JAR files and Maven POM files.
A copy of third-party dependencies required by Lingo3G, including open source licenses and notices. Lingo3G Maven POM file contains references to the same set of libraries but they are included for convenience.
Plain text package overview files, quick-step installation and EULA license.
License file

Your license file is not part of the distribution but is required for all examples and the DCS to work. Install the license before launching the examples.