Lingo3G 2.0.x

Revision history for Lingo3G 2.0 (and bugfix releases).

Version 2.0.0-beta2

This is the second beta-release of Lingo3G 2.x line. This release changes language dictionary formats, adds support for multiple languages and fixes a number of inconsistencies and bugs present in beta1.


Language resources in JSON

All language resources have been converted from XMLs to JSON, with file naming conventions simplified and language resource names made more human-friendly. See relevant sections below to get familiar with the new dictionary formats:

Rule matchers removed

Rule-based matchers used in label filtering and synonym sets have been replaced by glob patterns which are faster to apply, easier to use and more intuitive for humans to interpret.

Legacy XML resource conversion tools will convert any previous rule matchers into a set of equivalent regular expressions or glob matchers.

Carrot2 4.2.1

Upgrade to Carrot2 4.2.1.

Feature deprecations

The following features of Lingo3G are deprecated and scheduled for removal in Lingo3G versions released after December, 2021.

  • incremental clustering (persistent cluster labels),
  • numeric and nominal fields.

Version 2.0.0-beta1

This is the first beta-release of the modernized, rewritten and cleaned up (but API-breaking) Lingo3G 2.x line.

Migration from any previous of Lingo3G should be relatively simple but will require some manual steps. We wrote a separate article discussing rationales for API changes and migration steps from previous versions of Lingo3G.