Environment variables

You can use environment variables to tune Lingo4G's JVM options and other global settings.


Sets the path to Lingo4G home directory, which contains Lingo4G binaries and global configuration. In most cases there is no need to explicitly set the L4​G_​H​O​M​E variable, the l4g launch scripts sets it automatically.


Sets the extra JVM options to pass when launching Lingo4G. The most common use-case for setting L4​G_​O​P​T​S is increasing the amount of memory Lingo4G can use.

On Windows:

SET L4G_OPTS=-Xmx16g

On Linux or Mac:

export L4G_OPTS=-Xmx16g

When not set explicitly, Lingo4G launch scripts sets L4​G_​O​P​T​S to -​Xmx4g.


The Java executable to use to launch Lingo4G.