General settings

Project descriptor's general settings control Lingo4G's environment and configuration aspects not directly related to the analyzed data.

All settings in this category have reasonable defaults and rarely need to be altered or changed. They should be placed at the top level of the descriptor file, for example:

  "id": "string",

  "directories": {



A string with the project's identifier. Optional. The default value is derived from the name of the project descriptor's JSON file (after removing the .json suffix).

Project identifier is used:

  • as a context path for API calls when the server command is started with multiple projects.
  • as part of the suggested result file name when exporting results in the Explorer.


This configuration block provides filesystem paths for the key project folders. Optional.

An example resolved directories configuration block:

"directories" : {
  "work" : "work",
  "index" : "work\\index",
  "results" : "results",
  "temp" : "work\\tmp\\l4g-tmp-180316-110609-129"

The following paths are supported.


The work directory is the parent folder for anything Lingo4G generates: the document index, additional data structures required for analyses, logs, and temporary files created during indexing.

The value of this parameter is resolved relative to the project descriptor (if it's a relative path).


A directory for document storage, search indexes and other data structures required for analyses.

The value of this parameter is resolved relative to the work directory.

This folder may grow large, depending on the number of documents in the index. A fast I/O (SSD drive) is highly recommended. The index must not be a network path or a network-mapped drive.


The destination folder to store results of analyses generated using the analyze command.

The value of this parameter is resolved relative to the project descriptor.


A folder for storing temporary files and caches. The temporary space required for certain analyses may be large. The use of ephemeral (RAM-based) temporary location is discouraged.